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Life in the slow lane

I was making good time tonight, which is unusual considering how many Milwaukee streets are torn up for unnecessary repair.

It was only 4:40pm as I neared the grocery store. I figured I had time to run in and pick up a few things and get out.

4:43pm – I made it through the store in no time and headed for the checkout. Since I did only have a few items, I chose the “15 Items or Fewer” lane. I was…

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Adventure in ADHD

To some people, routine means stuck in a rut, but to someone with ADHD, routine is one of the few orderly things in a chaotic world.

For instance, every morning I would make myself a mug of coffee with breakfast. I’d hardly drink it and as I got ready to leave for work, part of my routine for the last several years was to pour that mug into my travel cup then take my Adderall before screwing on…

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2014 MLB review

As the regular season of Major League Baseball wraps up, its time to evaluate changes that took affect this year and whether or not they worked.

1) Instant Replay — Fail.This experiment did not work. Having some joker in New York reviewing plays did not help the game any. He got it wrong as often as the Umpires on the field did, so what was the point? All instant replay eliminated was the part of…

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It was a Dicken’s of a season

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the 2014 season of the Milwaukee Brewers.

It truly was the best of times for most of the season as the Brewers had the best record in all of baseball for quite a…

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Now I understand

I’m at the Department of Motor Vehicles with my son. He’s taking his driving test.

As I sit here, the DMV driving examiners come in and with the wannabe drivers to review the road test results.

I’m eavesdropping, of course.

One examiner is telling the wannabe driver, “OK, when I told you to make a right turn, you swung way out into the next lane before turning, then you turned wide, going into…

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Bad drivers are everywhere

Bad drivers are everywhere

There was a time when drivers knew the rules of the road, when they were courteous (for the most part), and when public schools educated future drivers.

But today? Road rage is the norm, but more than that, stupidity is everywhere.

At one time, the residential streets in Milwaukee were all uncontrolled. They didn’t have Stop signs or Yield signs. Drivers understood that when you drove through a…

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2018 Mindset List

Beloit College has released it’s annual Mindset List that highlights all the things students entering their Freshman year in college have grown up with and always believed to be true.

This list is designed to make the rest of us feel old, but sometimes, like with this year’s list, it just leaves me confused with a few of it’s entries. I often wonder if they are more regional to other parts of…

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