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Who really is the worst president evah?

Who really is the worst president evah?

“Obama is the worst president since WWII!” That’s the takeaway from a recently released poll, which, I’m sure, Fox News has been covering gleefully non-stop.

But lets think about that. Earlier today I showed you why you should dismiss this particular poll. Now, let’s consider each president and judge them on their merits, shall we?

Harry S Truman.Here was a man who not only couldn’t afford a…

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Worst President Evah?

A recent poll put out by Quinippiac University questioned 1,446 registered voters, 73% of whom were white, over the phone.

The consensus of this poll? That President Barrack Obama is the worst president since World War II. At least that’s the buzz from all the news outlets.

But the news doesn’t analyze these things. They just take the AP feed and or the university’s PR release and run it as is.

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An American Guide to Understanding Soccer

An American Guide to Understanding Soccer

The World Cup begins today. If you’re like most Americans, that phrase is meaningless, as it should be. But if you’re curious, I’m here to help.

The World Cup is like our SuperBowl, only nowhere near as exciting. That’s because the sport involved is something called soccer, a sport the rest of the world made up because they were jealous we had all the good sports, such as baseball, football,…

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Interesting Tax Stats

Latest Internal Revenue Service data for the 2011 tax year:
• The top 50% of taxpayers paid 96% of all income taxes
• The top 10% of taxpayers* paid 68.3% of all income taxes
• The top 5% of taxpayers paid 57% of all income taxes
• The too 1% of taxpayers paid 35% of all income taxes
• The bottom 50% of taxpayers paid 2.89% of all income taxes.

*The top 10% earn an adjusted gross income of $120,000 and accounted for 45.4% of all adjusted gross income.

There was a time

There was a time

There was a time when television united us. It was a communal experience. Before that, it was radio.

It was said that back during the peak of radio, on a warm summer evening, a person could walk down the street of any community in America and listen to an entire, uninterrupted episode of “Amos ‘n’ Andy” as it wafted out of the open windows of all the homes.

That’s what I mean by a communal…

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Mayday! Mayday!

Since rolling out the “Mayday” button on new Kindle eReaders, there have been:
- 35 marriage proposals to the tech advisors.
- 475 customers asking for Amy, the tech advisor in the commercials.
- 648 customers who serenaded the tech advisors.
- 109 requests for help ordering a pizza.
- 44 times the tech advisor sang “Happy Birthday” to a customer.
- 3 requests for a bedtime story.

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